Increasing clinical nutrition awareness in order to promote community health, Updating nutritionists’ information through congresses, conferences, workshops, retraining classes, and nutrition programs in the mass media.


  1. Celebrating nutrition-related events (such as World Food Day, World Obesity Day, Nutrition Day, World Dietitions’ Day,…)
  2. Holding educational seminar on non-invasive body contouring in Mashhad, October 2022.;
  3. Participation in the 4th international clinical nutrition congress, May 2022;
  4. Holding LifeLong Learning workshops in Sulaymaniyah, Iraq, May 2022;
  5. Holding LifeLong Learning workshops in Mashhad, Iran, May 2022;
  6. Hosting the first national festival of the best thesis in the field of clinical nutrition;
  7. Holding educational seminar on the role of nutritional therapies and food safety in Covid-19 control;
  8. Participation in the second international congress on nutrition from basic to clinical sciences, October 2023.
  9. Planning for holding educational seminar on non-invasive body contouring in Tehran, on February 2023 and 5th international clinical nutrition congress on February 2024.
  10. Planning for celebrating World Obesity Day and World Dietitian Day on March 2023.